A letter to my sister

[Ghi chú: nhấn vào đây để đọc phiên bản tiếng Việt.]

Dear sister,

I know you will never get a chance to read this letter; however, I just feel like dropping you a few lines. Because I would like to remind myself of the childhood I was loved and protected by you.

First of all, I have to confess that I now have no memory of the early days when I was carried in your arms. But I will keep forever the stories about our sisterhood through what Mom has told me. That day, our family was very poor, our house was built on someone’s land. Parents were struggling with life to raise their children. Since a very young age, you had stayed home to take care of me and helped Mom in the kitchen. You had to sacrifice many things, worked very hard and searched for food day after day. Once, you forgot to keep an eye on me while playing with other kids, I fell off a pile of sand. Mom punished you, but you did not get upset.

In spite of our family situation, you always have a full heart for me. Do you still remember when we lived near the grandmother’s place, we were often bullied by others? We then moved to a new house, elder sisters had already had their own families. Though you obtained education in half, you would give me a sweet potato or a fruit in full. You would give me everything, wouldn’t you?

The first day I went to primary school and started to perceive the surroundings, you got married. Ever since then I have not seen you often. I miss you and your thoughtful care. At your mother-in-law’s house, you have to work even harder but you always show respect to the older and never look down on the younger. You have taught me many lessons, but the greatest one is about yourself: to live a truthful life, to not become greedy or deceiving.

After high school, I came to Saigon for college, I had another chance to stay near you. Every time we met, we only recalled the happy old days. But your life was filled with sadness, which I could tell through your eyes. I had already grown up, but you looked after me every single thing. Sometimes I felt as if I was still a little kid, always covered under your protection. When I did something wrong, you corrected me. Or when I made an incautious decision, you gave me advice from your personal experience.

I remember when we got some leftover, we both gave up to each other. You told, “this food is not delicious, I am not fond of it at all.” I knew your intention, so I tried to eat more in order for you to be happy. Those were things you never said but I understood fully.

The days I stayed away from our homeland, you were also close at hand. You worked really hard at job but anytime I came by, you welcomed me with a smile. I did not have a chance to take you around the city, you had already left.

Every time I return home, you come to see me no matter how busy you are. Additionally, you carry your little kids who always bring me laughters. Our whole family get together for one day, you cook me many dishes. Others do not like them which I find really good. Perhaps that’s because I am used to your cooking.

Nowadays I become an adult. I have not done anything big or great, but you still feel proud of me. Even though I travel, far or near, I will not forget you. You are not only the most gentle but also the most whole-hearted sister.

Your brother


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  2. Geoffrey
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 01:00:37

    This makes me miss Kieu. By the way, I’m proud of you, too!


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