Black Friday

What a black Friday! Although I had been warned last night that today would be a black Friday, I went to work as usual. Things occured normally. But in the evening, I came to my relative’s house to collect a letter. A cousin of mine asked for some help with his new MP4 portable player. I was too stupid to put an 8-cm CD into my MacBook’s SuperDrive. (Oops! I did it again!) It got stucked without ejecting the goddamn mini compact disc. (Fortunately, it ejected without any effort when I got home.)

Boys and girls, men and women are boring recently. Or is it just because I am feeling blue myself? I think it’s time I started something new. Perhaps I should try designing some Web sites insteading of coding them, as what I have been working on. I need to refresh my creation, or else I would spend a vacation to regain it. Next week will be nice with a gift from a wonderful friend. Let’s see what will happen then.