English for IT

The two (02) most wrongly-pronounced English vocabularies many Vietnamese IT professionals encounter are: source and image.

According to Dictionary.com:

C’mon, it’s 2007 now. Please be corrected!


A lovely weekend

Well, what a nice weekend! It has been a long time I have not gone out with friends. The afternoon, I received a short message from a friend; an appointment was arranged immediately. I called two other guys, then gathered at a karaoké club. This is perhaps the most popular activity for a group – large or small. This time we set up a rule for everybody: who got a score from 80-89 adds 10 thousand, less than 80: 20 thousand. One that hits a hundred gains a 20 thousand (minus) bonus. As you can guess, I was on the top of the list. Which list? – It’s your turn!

Next, we went to a restaurant for cá lóc hấp bầu. It was a pity, there was no dragon head fish available. We then picked up a lẩu cá diêu hồng.

After serving our stomach, the two girls wanted to drop by my house. This embarrassed me a bit! We then headed for my house which is not very far though. We stayed, talked and played a guitar for a while. This once again embarrassed my friend, who is not ready to perform his guitar technique to the public. However, it was really interesting: boys and girls, guitar and moon. Yeah, the moon!