Everyone has a nickname, I bet. Even though you like it or not, nickname follows you for a period of time. People get known of you for your nickname. And to me, nickname is fun.

Fortunately, I have quite several nicknames. All of them are cute. There is nothing particular I cannot share them with you. When I was in high school, friends called me by the names of characters in a popular movie Bao Gong (Justice Bao). Some called me Bao Qing Tian because of my similarly-pronounced name (just a bit), as long with a dark-colored skin, while others named me Zhan Zhao for my jumping ability. During my senior high school period, many gave me names of very popular singer and actor, both Vietnamese and Korean. However, those names do not very much reflect the image of myself. 😉 One of my favorable nicknames happened to me while at university – Mr. Know-it-All. Thanks, guys!

At the moment, being a Web designer at Sutrix Media, one confers me the title of công tử Bạc Liêu (prince of Bac Lieu), others mark me Thiện râu (beard Thien). I know for sure, why he calls me the prince of Bac Lieu is just because Bac Lieu has great canvases of rice fields and I eat rice to live… and that’s it!

With or without connection, nickname is mostly adorable. It is another way to remember a person by their character or appearance. To me, a plain name Thien (or even Paul) is perfect. You? Wanna share?